What it is

A nocode platform with hyperfocus on the backend.

Making logics for web-applications, must evolve to become faster and easier to understand. Also for those that are not coders themselves.

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This project is being worked on right now, aiming for a swift release of the alpha version. Check back often for updates. Or follow me on one of my social media channels.

Node editor to realize your ideas


I would say this platform is revolving around two core concepts.

First: Simplicity should not prevail over flexibility. This is not to say we should not aim to make everything as simple as possible. But not one bit too simple. In the world of software, flexibility means power.

Second: Focus. This is laser focused on making a nocode platform for the backend. From request to response.

Philosophy behind the product

About me

My name is Dion Snoeijen. I find it hard to categorise myself. Right now I spend most of my time building software. Having the main focus on a powerful nocode platform. Next to that, I love design, art and learning about everything. Check my stuff on:

Dion Snoeijen

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