This documentation is under construction, as well as the tardigrades NoCode platform.
It will be released when it's done.

Sections and fields

Sections and fields are a concept to represent data structure. Sections are made up of fields, fields are based on field types. It’s as simple as that.

To elaborate: A section is not nescessarily a table in a database where the fields are the columns. It can be that. A section is not a form, where the fields are the input fields. It can be that.

Out of the box, it will represent a form, database structure and a way of retrieving and or storing data in a friendly manner, all based on the concept of sections and fields.

Fun fact

The name of the underlying library that facilitates the Section and Field functionality is SexyField. This name comes from the Dutch pronunciation of the word “Section” which sounds like “Sexy”. When this system was getting used by colleagues they were calling it SexyField instead of Section field, so yeah… The name changed quick enough.

SexyField is an open source Symfony bundle licenced under MIT. It can be found here: